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Dance Labyrinth

Entering the Wylde - with Anara Durand


Dance Labyrinth

Dancing Labyrinth guides you through an holistic dance journey whilst the Imbas/Elements of nature hold the space and become a source of reflection and inspiration.

You come to meet, embody and transform through the layers of the senses, the conscious and the unconscious, as you make your way within the Labyrinth.  Your movement arrive from a synthesis of cause and effect as one articulation informs another and another.

The journey in and towards itself, spiralling, walking, murmuring, coiling. This is the nature of the pathway of the Labyrinth. It is raw, authentic. It is being alive, becoming death, becoming life, regenerative, one movement informing the next instinctively whilst rooted to the core of Earth,  you arrive at the centre, centre of gravity, centre of the core, where the spirit resides at the heart of the Labyrinth.

The heart of the Labyrinth, the space of timeless creation.

Movement of flow giving way to ebb and flow, vitality and extension, exploration and authentic original sparks of vital life force giving unto motion. The space where the I becomes whole in union and authentic contact between the conscious, unconscious and spirit can take place.

It is at the centre Labyrinth that the Earth and Spirit co- exist at the heart of the Labyrinth.

A fusion of yin yang.

The birthing of a nebula.

The root of the universe in perpetual motion. From this space begins the emergence from the chrysalis, your journey outwards...


"Beautiful, profound and inspiring. Anara holds a powerful feminine space, exuding love, confidence and wisdom. Her intuitive and personalized approach left me feeling held as an individual within the group."

Analise - Uk

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