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Rowan nourishes a deep passion for the process that goes with the awakening of human consciousness in individuals, groups and humanity as a whole. Since 2004 he started working with the power and grace of the breath, meditation and sound. He calls himself a student of life, and has always been engrossed in learning about himself, deeper truths to life and the journey of the Soul. He’s been called an inspiration when it comes to his breathwork practice. In 2007 he trained to become a breathwork facilitator with his longstanding Dutch friend, Tom van Huijstee of Breath of Life, in the Netherlands, which set him off on his path to explore and learn different healing breath methods and traditions from different parts of the world. Rowan developed and perfected his own method, by drawing inspiration from many different sources and modalities, such as Rebirthing, Transformational Breath, Intuitive Bodywork, Chi Kung, Holotropic Breath, Somatic Principals, EFT and Mindfulness.


Since 2008 he’s been involved in a number of sound healing and sacred sound projects, some of which are; Sonic Incense, Sonic Enchantment (with Eeshira Hart) and the Sacred Sound Collective, and he’s now developing a sound healing project with his partner Anara, in which they offer light code sound activations for groups and individuals.

Rowan Sterk is probably best known and respected for his musicianship. Ever since he was a small child his love and talent for music was undeniably present. Since 1996 he’s been developing himself more seriously as a drummer / percussionist. However, it wasn’t till 2007 that his professional musical career started taking root, after emigrating from the Netherlands to England. He has since worked with a variety of artists and producers. Some of which are; Carrie Tree, Andy Barlow (Lamb), Faeland, Bob Hillary, Mezzowave, Kareem Raihani, Lucy Wylde, Adrian Freedman, Estas Tonne, The Sacred Sound Collective, Avalon Roots and many more. He’s now mainly offering his services as a session musician for recording projects.

He’s got extensive experience playing music for Trance Dance, 5 Rhythms, Ecstatic Dance and Contact Improvisation.

From 2003 – 2006 he studied mime at the ‘Hoge School voor de Kunsten’ (High School of the Arts) in Amsterdam.


Rowan birthed ‘Breathing into Wholeness’ in the UK in 2010 and holds workshop, retreats and one2one's in both the Uk, Ireland and globally online. He weaves various healing modalities and principles into a rounded and unique healing modality, which is intended and designed for clients to step into their authentic Selves, and with that reclaim who they were meant to be in this life time, through the use of the breath, sound healing instruments and the power of the client’s voice. He is a very skilled facilitator and coach; aware of the energy in the room, the group dynamic and the needs of the individuals. His inspiring ‘Breathing into Wholeness’ workshops and one2one’s will leave you with a long lasting sense of transformation within body mind and soul.

"I got a huge amount from doing 3 breathwork sessions with Rowan, I felt really safe and well held to explore some of the deeper emotions that have been stuck in me. I found the session itself very moving and from it I really understood how the breath can bring you to a place of presence, which I had not experienced before. I left feeling energized and happy."
Narayani, East Sussex - Spain

"Rowan created a safe space for me to feel the expansion in my breathing which prevented my asthma from developing into an attack. During our sessions, layers of old emotional templates have been released and I have found my breathing to be easier, stronger, relaxed and to embrace more of life, of prana.

I look forward to continuing the journey with Rowan's sessions as I always come away with learning techniques which I can easily use in my day to day."

Amanda, County Meath - Ireland


Anara has journeyed through the world of dance since early childhood.

In her teens and early twenties, she studied contemporary, flamenco, contact improvisation, jazz, Egyptian Raqs sharqi & nomadic dance in London, Somerset and Egypt. She regularly attended barefoot, shamanic and ecstatic dance sessions and found a love and authentic attraction towards ecstatic dance, leading to a practice of Gabrielle Roth's 5Rythms for over 25 years.

At the age of 18, Anara was introduced to a pioneering hypnotherapist & reiki master.

She began an intensely transformational and educational journey, learning about the positive alchemy that can take place between mind, body & spirit, with access to tools used in hypnotherapy & psychotherapy. She studied N.L.P, Brandon Bays 'The Journey', E.F.T, Hypno-Analysis, to name but a few. She learnt how to re-programme the subconscious and to heal the root cause of historical or ancestral karma.

She has also learnt several healing modalities including reiki, shamanic, sound and crystal healing.

Anara  adapted  some of the methodologies to fit within her work as an holistic dance movement practitioner.

She spent a year studying Acting, Voice and Movement at Central School of Speech & Drama, and a degree in Fine Art at Central St. Martins where she developed a love for land based art. This led to her studying  permaculture and sustainable community development. She lived for a year in the woods at an eco permaculture educational community in north Devon where she took part in teaching permaculture, introducing people to the concept of rewilding and converting zones of the forest from commercial pine into a woodland of native species. She then spent a year at Eco Forest, a permaculture community in Southern Spain, where she took part in teaching permaculture and  brought her art practice and holistic dance movement therapy to the land. 

She found that raw nature provided a more sincere mirror for her clients and explored the ways in which together rewilding and holistic dance movement could support the whole being and the community.

She is a professional qualified hypnotherapist, past life regression therapist. Shae has studied safe and effective dance practice at the British Ballet Organisation and has attended  for a year of dance movement psychotherapy at University. She has recently studied a postgraduate masters degree in History of Art at Bristol University. Anara is also a reiki master and sound healer, poet and author of mythical childrens' stories, set in magical landscapes. 

"Your work is cutting edge" 

Clare - Uk


''Anara's dance form is a Great Initiation into self discovery, to be able to express and harness a special Medicine that emerges from our Genetic Global Heritage."

Louise - Uk

"Just to say thank you for helping me gain such confidence to allow me to feel free and confident enough to let go  all on my own !.  It was a first for me and a positive experience, I am grateful for the environment you have created which allows us all to feel secure enough to do this.  "

Susan - Uk

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