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Breathing Into Wholeness

With Rowan Sterk

A breath of love can take you all the way to infinity ~ Rumi


Breathing into Wholeness, a journey of aliveness.

I was introduced to breathwork out of necessity. I felt traumatised and in emotional pain as a young adult and was searching for a mentor I could trust and feel safe enough with to process my traumas. Some remarkable people came on my path that showed me the healing ways of the breath. I had found a strong ally in the breath itself; it showed me a way through my existential pain. Breathwork enabled me to open up into deeper self-acceptance and authentic aliveness.

As a breath coach and healer, I have seen people reap the benefits of this work, becoming more empowered, joyful and at peace. To use this technique can have a dramatic positive effect on your physical wellbeing, alleviating symptoms of asthma, anxiety and chronic pain. A good breath session can help you to become more present and alive, largely by setting yourself free from out-dated, negative, self-defeating thoughts, emotions and beliefs; the limiting stories and lies we tell ourselves - our childhood and cultural programming.

We are the breath! The way we breathe is the way we live.

If we chronically control our natural breathing, in order to avoid feelings of pain, we control and limit our potential for wellbeing, connection, joy and love to flow through us.

During a Breath & Sound workshop you’ll be encouraged and coached to breathe in a conscious connected way, without pause. The limiting breathing and holding patterns will come to the surface, to be expressed, embraced and released. It feels as if your body gets activated with life force you didn’t know you had access to. All sorts of thoughts, feelings and physical sensations will be experienced. The trick is to not resist any of it, but cultivate a *YES* towards the fullness of your experience, and trust your body’s ancient wisdom. We are wired for wholeness!

As a facilitator, my ultimate goal is to inspire you to nurture a remembrance of your connection to your inner source. All you need is to trust the process - to embrace yourself with each breath.

As an integral part of the workshops I will be playing gong, tuning forks and other sound healing tools.

Experience the Joy, Power & Healing that Comes with Conscious Connected Breathing.

Breathe with deep surrender to embody wholeness
By becoming one with the breath, we attune to life
Our breath carries frequencies & codes of our highest potential
Let go into the truth of the heart ~ the unified field
Give birth to your primal voice, which emerged from the void
Surrender to that void in order to embody the love that you are
Breathing in a conscious connected way enables this process
The fullest expression of your authentic Self
True pure joyful essence I AM

The breath session involves breathing at your ‘edge’, in a circular way, without pause. This way of breathing allows the limiting and unconscious breathing and holding patterns that no longer serve to be experienced, surrendered and released. Hidden aspects held in the body, both positive and negative, will be revealed. True feelings and emotions are expressed and the closed shadow areas in the body (subconscious) will start to shift and open up. Breathing and relaxing into what arises creates the opportunity to embrace all aspects of Self and ultimately relax into our true nature. The ultimate intention of Breathing into Wholeness is to facilitate and nurture a remembrance of your connection to your inner source, the living fire within your Heart. All you need is to breathe gently but steadily deeper and to trust the process. Be as you are.

Discover how to allow your body to breathe authentically, to take in life-force without restriction. There are numerous benefits

~ Expand Your Breath
~ Connect with your Multi-Dimensional Self
~ Heal Negative Emotions
~ Reduce Stress
~ Enhance Sleep
~ Soothe the nervous system
~ Heal your Body
~ Embody Presence & Peace
~ Free Yourself from Limiting Beliefs
~ Clear Past Trauma
~ Strengthen the Respiratory System
~ Detox Yourself

"Rowan held space and created such a safe environment which opened me up to the magic of my breath….almost completely new to breath work I was pleased to see such a simple explanation and instruction could take me deeply into peace. Much gratitude."
Holly, Bristol - UK

One to one sessions via zoom or skype with Rowan
Call or WhatsApp 0044 (0)7932 054571

I’m looking forward to seeing you at one of my Breath and Sound Workshops, where you can experience the liberating grace of your breath and the power of sound!  

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