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7 Day Residential Retreat

Held in the Heart of the Boyne Valley, Ireland.

With Anara Durand and Rowan Sterk

and guests

 July 2022 

£1111 all-inclusive except for travel

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Dance Labyrinth

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''Anara's Dance Form is a Great Initiation into Self Discovery, to be able to Express and Harness a special Medicine that emerges from our Genetic Global heritage.''

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Anara Durand

In her words

"ReWilding is centred on our human immersion back into the steady and wise flow of our natural environment. In the heart of the Boyne Valley, where the raw beauty of the land and the Imbas elements of nature, become your guide, you are invited to journey toward the within, toward the centre of your Labyrinth, to rediscover your inner compass and space of all knowing. Through dance movement, mindfulness, holistic breath practice, foraging, forest bathing, peace ceremony, Celtic blessing and guided journeys. 

By entering the Labyrinth of the natural landscape, we may experience an unlocking, a sense of freedom or resolution. The resolution can be discovered along the pathways even before the moment of meeting your source at the heart centre of the Labyrinth itself. At its centre, you may find that there is no question only freedom and an opportunity to simply breath. A gentle inhale and exhale that never ends, stretching out the pause in our busy lives, that blocks out the silence, the space we need to fall in love with again for our ultimate wellbeing. In the calm quiet places, away from the hustle, the noise, the smells of familiar habits, something magical happens, and we are here to guide you through the doorway into that world of wonderful change and transformation."

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“Anara, through her warm presence and gentle instruction, creates a loving space to experience a form of dance that is as expressive as it is healing and transformative. Alchemy is the word! I look forward to continuing my dance journey with her.”

Chantal, Sligo - Ireland 

"Beautiful, profound and inspiring. Anara holds a powerful feminine space, exuding love, confidence and wisdom. Her intuitive and personalized approach left me feeling held as an individual within the group."

Analise - Uk

"Anara has helped me along my life path in such a profound way and help me to change my life for the better. From doing the wonderful Reiki healing course, the healing sessions and life coaching, she has truly helped me in so many ways.

An amazing woman, so intuitive, nurturing and relaxed."

Tracy - Ireland

" Anara touches the formless and prayerful aspects of dance, weaving healing and empowerment into timeless movements."

Jill - Womens Mystery Camp Uk

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