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Human Nature

To work with, rather than against our true, primal, indigenous nature. Mindful, thoughtful observation of the instinctual and soulful rather than the programming which separates us from the natural world by use of knowledge and labor. By observation of plants and animals in all their functions and rediscovering our place within this symbiotic cycle in order to cleanse ourselves of the systematic treatment of the individual species as a single product of conditioning.

Integration creates a diversity which supports itself from the core of community. Segregation creates a weakness which effects the whole community. Biodiversity nurtures and supports the whole community and at the same time, strengthens each individual being.

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Grounded and rooted in the Earth. Deep breathing, walking meditation, relaxation,  reconnecting to the primal source. Walking barefoot on the earth is beneficial in so many ways. Enabling the earth electrons to transfer from the ground and into the body, it creates a stable internal bio-electrical environment for the normal healthy functioning of all body systems. Walking barefoot, standing or sitting on the earth informs a release of a hormone which helps to control blood sugar levels, regulate metabolism and blood pressure, helps reduce inflammation, anxiety and stress. Connecting with the earth promotes better sleep and can assist with memory formulation. It is a lovely way to relax and unwind.

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The way we breath, Is the way we live

Experience the Joy, Power & Healing that Comes with Conscious Connected Breathing.

Breathe with deep surrender to embody wholeness, By becoming one with the breath we attune to life.
Our breath carries frequencies & codes of our highest potential. Let go into the truth of the heart ~ the unified field.
Give birth to your primal voice, which emerged from the void. Surrender to that void in order to embody the love that you are breathing in a conscious connected way enables this process the fullest expression of your authentic Self
True pure joyful essence I AM

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The body tells us a lot about each other by the way we move. We can tell the mood of a loved one, our sense of wellbeing, our mood. Moving improves or maitntains our fitness and allows the body to express the unspoken word. The body communicates much more than just the voice, the spoken word. Dance movement can enable you to safely release authentically without judgment and to express a wide range of emotions in depth giving freedom to your soul.



Coming back into balance by allowing your mind to give attention to your senses and how each sense is experiencing your environment in the present moment without judgement. This practice is beneficial for developing correct breathing and reducing anxiety. It helps to sharpen your ability to focus and develop a heightened sense of your internal and the external world around you.

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As humans, our primary authentic home is in nature. We are a part of the natural eco system and therefore it benefits our whole being to allow ourselves time to immerse. Our ancestors spent most of their time in nature and had a deeper understanding of the cycles and seasons, knowledge of their land, plant life and animals. They were more efficient with time and energy and the rythmn of life supported their life cycles. Al lot different to the modern rat race of today.

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Deep Listening

Deep listening to the natural sounds in nature is akin to watching a beautiful sunset. It allows our body to attune to the  sound frequencies which cause relaxation and our brain to switch on the neurotransmitter which triggers the release dopamine, a hormone which increases our sense of pleasure and motivation. Average city sounds levels of 60 decibels have been shown to increase blood pressure, the heart rate and induce stress. The more time spent in nature brings our body back into balance. Nature can provide a supportive space for deep listening to take place in trust, especially if the intention is to listen without reacting.  Listening from a space of empathy and support develops trust, an open heart and  we are more able to believe that the person who is doing the talking is expressing themselves authentically, from an experience that is real to them.

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Tree saps, seeds, nuts, berries, flowers, leaves, shoots, mushrooms. There is a plethora of micro-nutrients to gain from eating wild edibles found in the forests or on the land. Foraging deepens you awareness, sensitivity and connection to the world around you. Nature is a great teacher and learning to identify plants and edibles can provide you with recipes which not only boost your vitamin and mineral intake but also enliven your taste buds and improve your sense of wellbeing.

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We are apart of nature. Our bodies are made up of elements of the natural environment and when we spend time in the spaces that reflect our natural healthy biology, it creates a harmonizing effect that makes our body come back into balance.  Spending time in nature on a regular basis improves your emotional physical wellbeing. It can provide a safe place in which to allow the detox of emotional toxemia, to face and heal old wounds, make important decision and begin beneficial life changes. For most, nature is the first go to for emotional and physical support, a place of non judgment, like a child to its mother, our ancestors called nature mother earth for a reason as most people often describe their time in nature as being held or supported or when standing with the back resting against a tree like the support of a father.

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Forest  Bathing

Forest Bathing or 'Shinrin Yoku' literally translates as; "absorbing the forest’s atmosphere with all your senses".  Spending time in the forest is beneficial to the whole being. Your blood pressure falls, your stress hormone production is reduced, you sleep more deeply, your ability to concentrate improves, and your immune system is boosted.

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”
― John Muir

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