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Breathing Into Wholeness tm.

Conscious Connected Breathing

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 222 British pounds
  • Ireland

Service Description

Discover how to allow your body to breathe authentically, to take in life-force without restriction. Conscious connected breathing can facilitate the repair of your mind, body and spirit by enabling you to let go of historic debris left by trauma. During the breathing session you will be coached to breathe deeply into the layers of trauma, negative beliefs and contractions of the mind and spirit, in order to create space in your being. As you start to change on the inside, you will notice things change in your external reality - you will find you have more of a choice how to respond to external challenges and stresses. A one 2 one breathing session will be the deepest way that we can work together to shift lots of old stuck energy. Apart from using your breath, you will also be taught how to utilise the power of your own resonant voice to express, vibrate, shake out and release undesirable negative patterns held in your body. Combined with intuitive bodywork, energy healing, hypnotherapy principals and sound healing, it makes for a complete and holistic modality which is ultimately designed to take you beyond the programmed limited self and into authentic Being, in a safe and non-overwhelming way. The way we breathe is the way we live! Some of the benefits are: ~ Expand Your Breath ~ Strengthen the Respiratory System ~ Connect with your Multi-Dimensional Self ~ Heal Negative Emotions ~ Reduce Stress ~ Enhance Sleep ~ Soothe the nervous system ~ Heal your Body ~ Embody Presence & Peace ~ Free Yourself from Limiting Beliefs ~ Clear Past Trauma ~ Detox Yourself I also offer online sessions on Zoom or Skype for £111

Contact Details

Maitri Studio Belfast, The Mount, Belfast, UK

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