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Dance Labyrinth tm.

For individuals or small groups

  • 7 hours
  • 777 British pounds
  • Therapy Centre

Service Description

Dance Labyrinth tm. is held in a ceremonial space on the land. It is a 7 hour, deep journey through movement and dance, where the breath, mindfulness and deep listening are integral to the rebirth that can be experienced from this phenomenal practice. Dance Labyrinth tm. has been developed from Anara's professional practice, research and exploration of Dance Movement Psychotherapy, Dance as rites of passage, her dedication as a dance teacher of Global Shamanic, Nomadic, Contemporary Fusion and her practice of 5rhythms and dance performance spanning 26 years. Dance Movement Therapy is a holistic practice which is great for neural connectivity as you utilize all of your senses, giving you a safe creative and liberating space in which to express your emotions, develop your awareness of space, gravity and improve your concentration . It is a great way to relive stress, anxiety and to increase physical fitness, confidence and self-esteem. It supports the development of a good posture and develops fine motor skills, coordination and synchronization. encourages creativity and imagination. It activates a release of endorphins in the brain and the end result can often be one of joy. This practice is especially beneficial to adults with Autism or ADHD. It improves their attention and concentration, giving them the liberty to be expressive of their emotions. It helps them to enhance their social interactions, to develop verbal and non verbal vocabulary skills. They learn different patterns of movements required for daily activities. It helps to enhance their memory and recapitulation skills. It helps in developing body awareness and promotes general well-being. Importantly, different planes of motion during the therapy can help to stimulate verbal communication skills. It also helps to strengthen their fine motor skills. It provides a platform for adults with ASD to build upon their social skills, which helps them further to understand the emotions and feeling of other people as they learn to develop empathy.

Contact Details

Maitri Studio Belfast, The Mount, Belfast, UK

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